After massive deflation, TSLA remains overpriced compared to other automakers

Tesla has seen a massive decline in 2022, becoming the hottest stock to short after seeing its purported "genius" CEO repeatedly embarrass himself, other automakers bringing EV cars to market and an apparent complete loss of demand. Morgan Stanley has barely cut its forecast, but some analysts have stopped cheerleading.

Simple metrics show TLSA remains overpriced.


"Elon Musk has a pathological problem with the truth," said Gordon Johnson, one of the largest critics of Tesla among analysts. "When people say he's a genius and innovator, it's based on all his promises he never lives up to."

Johnson said Tesla shares will have a much steeper fall ahead, once it starts being priced like other automakers rather than on its promises. He said that for Tesla to hit its growth targets it needs to be building new plants almost every year, but that new factories in Germany and Texas that opened in spring are still not operating at full capacity. And he said that its plant in China has had to scale back production due to weak sales in the market in the face of the Covid restrictions.

"Demand in the US has collapsed," he said. "Two months ago, your wait time was two or three months. Now you can get one immediately. They're going to build more cars than they sell for a third straight quarter. It's the definition of excess capacity."