Blast from the past: Where's Waldo, but for Pokémon

I wasn't even alive during the 90s, but every so often a nostalgia-wrapped memory from someone else comes along that makes me wish I was born just a few years earlier. Dunkaroos, Cartoon Network, all that pre-9/11 optimism- and today, it's the Where's Waldo-style "Let's Find Pokémon" book from Kazunori Aiha, posted on a subreddit made specifically for Where's Waldo derivatives. Readers are tasked with – you guessed it – finding specific Pokémon in jam-packed images.The original run began in 1999, but a special compiled edition was later reprinted in 2017– meaning I may just have a chance to get some of that secondhand 90s kid magic after all.

Let's Find Pokemon [Amazon]