Chef rates TikTok cooking videos with a "side of salt and extra sarcasm"

If, like me, you harbor a deep disdain for those ubiquitous cooking videos that are all over social media, TikTok user Chef Reactions is for you. He keeps his identity a secret, but some folks on Reddit have speculated that he might be Canadian. Whoever he is, and wherever he's located, he's definitely made watching cooking videos way more fun. He provides deadpan, snarky commentary on culinary creations from a variety of TikTok 'chefs' and other food-forward accounts. Here he is commenting on some kind of taco casserole made with Doritos. He tells the person cooking to "work faster," which is one of his common complaints. In the end, he rates the dish 5/10 and says "I'd eat it." 

And here he is showing a lot of disgust for some kind of maple peanut butter chicken concoction. He says "Why?" and "It's turning into a crime against humanity." My favorite critique, though, might be when he says, "The South weeps when they see this quote-unquote 'fried chicken.'" He gives the dish a zero.

He also gives zeros to this testicle bark and this ramen cheese glop concoction, which he declares is "viral" in "the sense that it looks like a virus." He goes on to say, "It looks like the toilet when you're sick. This is a well-deserved and well-earned zero." This sink mac and cheese also earns a zero, and this commentary: "This is like the final boss of shitty TikTok mac and cheese. This is fucking stupid."

It's not all snark and ire, though. He finds lots to love, as well. Here he is praising a dog making food, saying "It's gonna be better than 90% of the shit I see on this app." And he has real, true, admiration for some folks he highlights, including Nonna Gracie. Here he is praising her while she makes pork capricciosa. He explains, "10/10 I would eat it," and "simple food's the best food!" And here he is giving a 10/10 to some very delicious-looking cream puffs.

If you want more Chef Reactions—which he describes as a "side of salt/extra sarcasm"—follow him on his TikTok.