Got a new Android phone? This ring makes it compatible with MagSafe chargers.

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Do you plan on leveling up your tech in 2023? For example, if you recently received a smartphone as a gift (or purchased one for yourself), you should consider accessories that'll make using it easier. You don't have to spend a ton to get a lot of value from your add-ons. One unique example is the MagUp by, a magnetic ring that can make your phone MagSafe-compatible. Two-packs are on sale for just $19.99 right now. Did we mention it makes a great stocking stuffer?

Not all phones are created equal. Many offer Qi wireless charging support, but Apple's newer iPhones offer MagSafe, which allows them to attach to compatible magnetic chargers. Sure, MagSafe chargers can power any Qi-compatible phone, but if you don't place your phone on the charger perfectly, you might wake up the following day wondering why it didn't charge throughout the night.

If you live in an Apple-centric household as an Android user, that might make you feel like you're missing out on an incredibly convenient charging technology. But with the MagUp, Androids and older iPhones need not be excluded. Basically, the MagUp is a powerful magnetic ring that attaches to the back of your phone, allowing you to snap it onto a MagSafe charger easily. It contains 32 built-in magnets, giving your phone the perfect alignment for charging and tilting. It also features a robust adhesive that won't fall off your phone all the time. 

Not only is it incredibly satisfying, but it's also super helpful. You can also find other magnetic things to use with your phone, like car mounts and MagSafe-compatible floating stands. Verified customer Daniel S. shared, "The rings are made of strong magnets and help our iPhones connect to the MagSafe charging setup that we currently have on our night stands."

A two-pack of Naztech MagUp MagSafe Magnetic Rings would normally set you back $24, but they're currently on sale for $19.99 or $10 each. 

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