Management by Musk: there will be no toilet paper until the stack has velocity

The New York Times paints an ever-worsening picture of life at Twitter under its glorious Chief Twit Elon Musk. Aggressive cost-cutting matched with draconian witch hunts seems to be the chosen path forward. This stuff reads like a bad movie, but there are folks living through it.

That has left the office in disarray. With people packed into more confined spaces, the smell of leftover takeout food and body odor has lingered on the floors, according to four current and former employees. Bathrooms have grown dirty, these people said. And because janitorial services have largely been ended, some workers have resorted to bringing their own rolls of toilet paper from home.

Mr. Musk's erratic and hands-on style has thrown off a number of workers, as he often interrupts meetings seemingly at random, talking for long stretches and asking some top leaders to be sounding boards for his ideas, two people familiar with his management of Twitter said.

He has also asked some leaders to snuff out the sources of leaks to the press and anonymous posts on social media sites, three people said, and is focused on eliminating people inside the company he believes are opposed to him.