Misogynist internet grifter arrested after humiliating tweets gave away his location, or why you don't mess with Greta

Andrew Tate, a misogynist jerk I had not heard of before he took his shot at Greta Thunberg and got his faced rubbed in it by the no-nonsense environmentalist. The universe, in turn, put its boot up Tate's ass, and the pizza boxes in his rebuttal video gave away his location to authorities, resulting in his prompt arrest for human trafficking.


Tate taunted Thunberg on Twitter about the carbon emissions of his 33 cars, to which Thunberg replied with a joke about "small dick energy" that racked up millions of likes. Tate then posted a humiliating 2-minute video of himself smoking a cigar in a robe and insisting that he was not at all owned by the teenager. The video prominently featured two boxes of pizza from a local shop, which reportedly tipped off authorities to his whereabouts.

Police raided his villa and detained the Tate brothers on suspicions of sex trafficking. Semafor reported that the suspects "allegedly used a 'loverboy method' to lure victims into marriages and then sexually and mentally abused them to perform in exploitative videos, authorities said."