British medical practice mistakenly texts thousands of patients that they have "aggressive lung cancer" instead of "Merry Christmas"

A medical practice in Doncaster, England, attempted to mass-text "Merry Christmas" to its 8,000 patients. But something went awry and out went a diagnosis of "aggressive lung cancer with metastases. Thanks", with the number of a form to apply for end-of-life benefits.

However, about an hour later people received a second text telling them it was an error and it was meant to wish them a merry Christmas instead. Ms Hargreaves said after she received the original text while she was out shopping, she "felt sick to my teeth and broke down". She added: "I had just had a mole removed and was awaiting a result from a biopsy and I had been to hospital as my smear test came back abnormal, so yes, I was very worried." Despite repeated calls to the surgery, she said she struggled to get through to speak to someone.

The stories say "mistake" but I feel this is an unwarranted assumption, and they should check to see if the junior doctor at this surgery has green fur.