Giant heap of lint burned to show just how flammable the stuff i

In 2019, Dryer Vent Wizard in Farmington Hills, Michigan, set a Guinness World Record for the most lint collected, a large flammable pile weighing 690 pounds.

"Since April, Dryer Vent Wizard had its 95 franchisees collect as much lint as they could from clients' homes for this world record. The purpose of this is to raise awareness of the importance of getting your dryer vents cleaned because the lint is very flammable."

I only found out about Dryer Vent Wizard because I was thinking of the paper bag I use to collect the dryer lint and, first, how much of a fire hazard that already is, and how much lint I could manage in one year as a new years resolution to measure a change uniquely.

So, of course, I needed the formula to measure that change and came across this fascinating thread at Ask MetaFilter, "Rate of Dryer Lint Accumulation or: How Fast Do My Clothes Disappear?" There are terrific ideas about determining the amount of lint produced in relation to eroded clothing material. It is more complicated than one might first imagine.

I'll let you know if and how it goes.