How Liquid Death took the water market by storm

Being healthy is cool. Marketing a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, is not so cool. There isn't an aspect of healthy living that doesn't require sacrifice and personal accountability. If you want to keep your weight down, you have to figure out your maintenance calories and stay in a caloric deficit until you achieve your desired results. There's no amount of diet, skinny tea on Earth that will compensate for a crappy diet.

Marketing an unhealthy lifestyle is infinitely easier than the alternative. People already want to eat junk food. Attaching a clever ad to a bacon-wrapped pastry will only intensify people's innate desire to scarf one down. That's why the canned water brand Liquid Death is such an interesting phenomenon. In short order, Liquid Death burst into the competitive bottled water market and carved out a niche as the ironic brand of delicious mountain spring water. In the video linked above, you can watch a video where Liquid Death's owner explains how he used clever marketing to trick people into drinking water.