Tampa fires cop who dragged handcuffed woman into jail

Tampa cop Gregory Damon was fired this week after footage emerged of him physically dragging a woman into jail. Though the woman refused to get out of his car and dared him to do it, it turns out that a) it's still illegal to do illegal things even if someone asks you to do it to them, and b) Tampa Police Department has an explicit policy against dragging uncooperative suspects, for some reason that might be found in the voluminous results generated by the Google search term "Tampa police settlements."

The woman was being arrested for trespassing, according to the release. A body camera video shows her refusing to leave Damon's vehicle while parked at the Orient Road Jail and telling the officer, "I want you to drag me."

Damon then removes the woman from the vehicle and pulls her by the arm across a concrete floor, stopping once to tell her to get up but the woman refuses. Damon drags the woman to a doorway then buzzes for additional officers to assist him before the body camera video released by the Tampa Police Department cuts off.