We're getting a Stan Lee documentary from Disney Plus

As a lifelong comic fan, watching the whole world fall in love with Stan Lee has been interesting. For decades, Stan "The Man" Lee was the comic fandom's collective grandpa. Even if you were more of a DC comics fan than a Marvel zombie, Stan Lee was still an affable and welcoming presence in the comic community. 

When Lee started making appearances in Marvel comics movies with 2000's X-Men, his cameos were initially brief and only intended for eagle-eyed comic fans. However, as Marvel became the multimedia juggernaut it currently is, Lee's cameos became more elaborate and infinitely more hilarious. Consequently, the legend of Stan "The Man" Lee began to spread outside of the insular world of comic books. 

In the video linked above, you can check out the first trailer for the Stan Lee documentary that's coming to Disney Plus. Hopefully, a Jack Kirby documentary isn't too far away, either.