930 passengers stranded on cruise ship for a week due to fungus on hull

Only one day into the New Year and already reports of a "cruise ship-related incident."

The Viking Orion — carrying 930 passengers — was barred from docking in Adelaide, Australia on December 26th "due to fungal growth on the ship's hull." The ship was then forced to anchor 12 nautical miles offshore for nearly a week while professional divers came to clean up the biofoul — an "accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals on vessel hulls" that is common but potentially harmful if not removed.

The clean-up job caused the ship to miss at least four stops on the itinerary, tweeted one of the "livid" passengers, according to SkyNews, and although the cruise was scheduled to resume the rest of its journey today, that might not actually be happening. Viking "is working directly with guests" to compensate them for the missed stops.