Bizarre soundtrack glitch in Russia's surreal New Year special on state TV

Many crazy things are going on in this clip from Russia's New Year television special: military officers in cartoonish outfits, a musical number so corny that it would make Lawrence Welk blush, and a warning to Westerners that "Russia is enlarging." Sanho Tree captured the feeling in his Twitter comment: "This is like watching a Nazi-produced version of Cabaret while on a bad acid trip. The host looks like Joel Grey teleported to the set of the Hunger Games."

The topper is when the dubbed vocals soundtrack glitches out and repeats itself, forcing the lip-syncing performers to respond like Milli Vanilli did during their career-ending live performance in 1990. But in this case, the generals applaud as if it's all part of the show.

Look for news reports about a Moscow sound engineer falling to his death from a high-rise window in the coming days.