Elon Musk makes yet another strange gaffe

If there's one thing Elon Musk loves, it's posting weird right-wing memes on Twitter instead of working on his increasingly dysfunctional companies. His turn from quirky crypto-libertarian to 'own the libs' right-winger was likely motivated by the audience and attention it gets him, and the world's second-richest man is stuck in yet another petty online argument. In this one, he rags on self-assigned pronouns as per usual, and pulls out quite a bizarre statement as sort of an attempted 'gotcha': "I'm not cis, you are."

It's comically possible that even after everything, this weirdly out-of-touch man simply misunderstands that 'cis' means 'not trans'—but I think it's so much funnier to imagine Elon Musk coming out in the midst of yet another online shitfit. Congratulations, queen. I'm proud of you.