Ferris wheel at Florida's infamous ICON Park strands 62 riders for hours

A 400-foot-high ferris wheel lost power and caught fire at Florida's ICON Park Saturday night, stranding 62 people — some who were trapped for nearly four hours. And yes, this is the same Orlando amusement park where 14-year-old Tyree Sampson died while on the Free Fall drop ride last March.

Fortunately, the Wheel fire, most likely related to the power outage, was short-lived and did not cause any injuries.

From CBS42:

Orange County Fire Rescue said they were called to the park at around 6:20 p.m. after park goers reported being stuck on The Wheel.

Fire officials said 20 of the 30 ride capsules were occupied by guests when The Wheel lost power. Rescuers began climbing the structure and using ladder trucks to evacuate the pods. …

There is no official word yet on what caused The Wheel to lose power. Video obtained by WESH [see video below] showed a small fire with sparks flying from the structure and cascading down onto one of the ride capsules.

After some power was restored to the attraction, operators began manually rotating The Wheel so guests could exit at ground level. 

By sometime after 10:00 p.m, firefighters safely evacuated all 62 riders.