Georgia Congressman-elect steps down after drug arrest

While Republicans wring their hands over what to do with New York's Congressman-elect (and serial liar) George Santos, Georgia's Congressman-elect Danny Rampey finally drops out after his drug-related arrest.

Rampey was arrested last month after winning a House seat in Georgia. The 67-year-old gentleman was accused of stealing prescription drugs from a retirement complex, where he worked as a manager, and, according to AP News, "charged with six counts of obtaining drugs by misrepresentation or theft, six counts of exploiting an elder or disabled adult, five counts of burglary and one count of drug possession."

But rather than immediately step down, Rampey dug in his heels and clung to his newly won seat for weeks as Republicans pushed him to step aside before being sworn in on January 9. And when push came to shove (as in facing suspension as soon as he takes office), he finally relented. Georgia will hold a special election January 31 to fill the empty seat.

The GOP sure knows how to pick 'em!

Via HuffPost