Still playing 'Fortnite' after all these years…

Chapter 4 of Fortnite has brought me back to the game in full force. Epic has continued to evolve the gameplay, graphics, and good old-fashioned fun. There have been several stretches where I've yearned for any other game to appear and take over, tried several of them, and always gravitated back to Fortnite as invariably it is the game.

The version of Fortnite without the building is actually a lot more fun, as people have to move more strategically and can't instantly pop-up a massive and ever-restoring fortress out of nowhere. I still play the old mode when friends demand, but collecting resources is a drag and I prefer the pace of zero-build.

Chapter 4 also introduces "augments," wherein players can choose, over the course of a game, from 22 special skills that give them slight weapons, healing, ammunition, and mobility advantages. These add some really fun combinations and strategies, like hovering from balloons at max height and raining a never-ending supply of exploding arrows down on unsuspecting rubes.

I have yet to see the enemy tracking hawk-bot.

Image: screen grab