World's first AI-assisted fashion show held in Hong Kong

Check out the first fashion show to feature clothes designed with the help of artificial intelligence. The show, called "Fashion X AI: 2022-2023 International Salon" was held at M+ Museum in Hong Kong on December 19, 2022, and featured collections created with "AiDA" software—"AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion." The Fashion X AI website explains:

Showcasing the world's first designer-led AI fashion show at M+ Museum in Hong Kong on 19 December 2022, featuring collections by 6 international designers and 8 young fashion talents developed with the unique AI-based Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion (AiDA). The show's theme is 'Brainworks' representing the collaborative power demonstrated by AI technology and human emotion; a process of where both biological and artificial brains work together as one, a collection of massive data, analysing and expanding potentials in speed. AI working as a composite art, from concept, narrative to aesthetics, a blend of all realms of forms that leads to infinite possibilities.

The website hosts a lookbook where you can see the designs. And Reuters created this short video explaining the process and showcasing some of the designs in action. The video explains that "the software was developed by PhD students and academics at the Hong Kong-based AiDLab." The video also features Calvin Wong, AiDLab CEO and Center Director, who provides more context:

"The rationale of developing AiDA is not to use AI to replace designers. What we are talking about is AI as just a supporting tool for the fashion designers. So that's why we named it AiDA–it's an assistant for fashion designers, just to help them to work together. Designers and AI can work together to come up with the final collection."

Take a peek at the collection here. I don't know about you, but I really love the blue blobby one, the black blobby one, and the red blobby one.