Young woman transforms from 'nice girl' to punk to test tolerance in 1983 BBC clip

The most interesting part of this circa 1983 BBC Archive clip is watching a young woman named Gina transform from "nice girl" to punk. As she gets her head shaved, she talks about why she chose to go "anti-fashion," saying that she wants to know who will judge her immediately, "It's a very good way to find out that you only meet tolerant people right away." Gina also mentions that going punk helped her weed out men at clubs who were only interested in her as a "sexual figure." Go, Gina! (via Kenzi)

Scene takes to the streets of London, to find out how youth subcultures like punks, goths, rudies, skinheads and new romantics dress to express their outsider status. Should the way they dress really elicit such negative reactions from employers, pub landlords and the more conventionally-attired members of the population? Or should we all learn to be a bit more tolerant? This clip is from Scene: Who Are You Looking At? Originally broadcast, 27 January 1983.