9th Circuit Court of Appeals declares a MAGA hat protected speech

In what reads like an intentional case of baiting the school district and its principal, school teacher Eric Dodge brought his MAGA hat to Evergreen Public Schools' cultural sensitivity training. Rather than learn why this might be insensitive, Dodge wore it again the next day at another district event, even though the Principal had previously spoken to him about it. A heated conversation ensued and a trip to the courts is the result.

Oregon Live:

Afterward, Wy'east Principal Caroline Garrett approached Dodge and told him she'd gotten several complaints about his hat. Dodge told her he wore it to protect spots on his scalp that were sensitive to the sun. He also said he liked the political message, court documents said.

Garrett answered that the hat represented hate and bigotry to many, according to court records. She said she couldn't force Dodge not to wear the hat but asked him to "use better judgment" in the future.

The next day, Dodge again brought his MAGA cap to another district event at the high school, according to court records. That led to the heated verbal altercation with Garrett and the subsequent legal fight.

The 9th Circuit decision ruled that Dodge had submitted "sufficient evidence" to warrant a retrial on whether Garrett's actions constituted a First Amendment retaliation case.