Cruise ships are rescuing more and more refugees adrift at sea

While cruise ship operators may get angry at their Captains and crew for stopping to help, it sounds like passengers are usually just fine with interrupting their vacations to help migrants who may otherwise be lost at sea. It may seem counterintuitive to those in the United States, but we still have it far better than others, even with our Congress disarray and a horde of Christian fascists mucking up the system.

Orlando Sentinel:

The refugees were among the latest arrivals of hundreds seeking new lives after reaching the Florida Keys over the last several days. Overall, an estimated 300 migrants arrived at the sparsely populated Dry Tortugas National Park, about 70 miles west of Key West.

Another 160 arrived by boat in other parts of the Keys over the weekend. On Monday, about 30 people in two groups were found in the Middle Keys.

Once the migrants were rescued from their drifting craft by the Celebration on Monday, they were taken into custody by the U.S. Coast Guard offshore, said Carnival spokesman Matt Lupoli in a statement sent to the Sun Sentinel.

"The crew on board Carnival Celebration spotted five people in distress on a small vessel 25 nautical miles northwest of Cuba Monday and, as is customary, stopped to help them," he said. "After rescuing the five people adrift at sea, the ship's crew coordinated with United States Coast Guard officials and rendezvoused with them near Key West."