"Humble" and well-connected San Francisco real estate fraudster avoids prison sentence

Why didn't real estate tycoon Viktor Makras have to serve prison time for bank fraud when other crooks convicted in the same federal corruption probe were locked up for years? Could it be that Makras is well-connected to the San Francisco power elite and is a generous political donor? No! It's because he is a humble man.

From The San Francisco Standard:

While Makras did not write the court himself, a long list of supporters did, including former mayor Willie Brown and, lastly, Makras' wife, Farah Makras. 

She wrote that her husband believes in the rule of law and is the most honest and humble man she knows, and asked the judge for leniency. In fact, she wrote he is so humble he drives friends like Mayor Brown to the opera in the "cheapest little Toyota Tacoma Truck." 

Makras got three years probation and was fined $15,200.