Twitter sued for not paying rent at San Francisco office

On December 29, San Francisco real estate firm Columbia Reit filed suit against Twitter for not paying rent for their floor in a downtown office building. Last month, the New York Times reported that Twitter stopped paying rent on all of its global offices and now it appears the landlords have lost patience. From SFGate:

The lawsuit, filed by landlord/real estate company Columbia Reit, alleges that Twitter hasn't been paying rent at 650 California St., where the social media platform is the tenant/sublandlord for the 30th floor of the building. The lawsuit says Columbia Reit sent a notice of nonpayment on Dec. 16, and Twitter still didn't pony up $136,260 in rent[…]

Interestingly, Twitter subleased the 30th floor to advertising agency Dentsu just a few months ago, in October 2022. Dentsu is a nonparty in the suit, meaning it's not alleged of any wrongdoing. It's unclear if Dentsu has been paying rent to Twitter, which isn't conveying that rent to Columbia Reit, or if the involved parties have a different arrangement.