Add Kewpie mayonnaise + 1 egg to instant ramen for extra kokumi

As a ramen aficionado who cut his teeth by unsuccessfully cooking Neoguri, Maruchan and Top Ramen in my 90s dorm room Mr. Coffee, ramen hacks are a favorite thing for me. Things like using the hot underside of a pot/kettle to reseal the lid on a Nissen Cup Noodles container, or folding that same lid like a Chemex filter to form a neat disposable bowl to cool the ramen noodles prior to consumption, these ramen hacks are as Austin Powers famously said: "my bag baby."

So when I ran across Way of Ramen's Kewpie mayo hack, I had to try it, and I'm here to tell you that it does indeed work, as long as you like eggs. Mayonnaise is essentially emulsified eggs, and the Kewpie variant eschews the egg whites and uses only yolks as the base, so it's like adding extra egg yolk + 1 beaten egg to ramen. Adding Kewpie mayo won't change the flavor per se, but instead makes the flavor harmonize better and gives the broth a silky richness that's closer to bone broth. Like it or hate it, I guarantee you'll never look at ramen the same way again after trying this ramen hack.