Authorities seize Andrew Tate's luxury cars

Just days after incel influencer Andrew Tate taunted climate activist Greta Thunberg with a description of his expensive gasoline-powered car collection, Romanian authorities seized several of them, according to Romania's Spy News. The cars include a Buggati Chiron worth 3 million euros, a Rolls Royce worth 400,000 euros, two Ferrari cars, and a Porsche. They also seized a Bucharest villa that Tate and his brother were living in, worth reportedly seven million euros.

From Spy News (Google language translation from Romanian to English):

DIICOT prosecutors have seized all the assets of brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, specifically their house and cars. In the house that the investigators seized, the two millionaires allegedly kidnapped six young women and exploited them. Brothers Andrew and Tristan Tate, however, are in custody.

Tate, his younger brother, and two other men are being detained by authorities, who are investigating allegations that the men engaged in human trafficking, formed an organized crime ring, and other criminal activity.