Jordan Peterson's bizarre 'Twitter suit'

Self-help guru and alt-right darling Jordan B. Peterson is making the rounds again—but not for his usual waffle about how chaos is an inherently feminine quality or asserting that certain races are smarter than others (both real claims he's made). This time, Peterson was showing off his "Twitter suit", one in a line of suits produced for him by LGFG Fashion House, which specializes in eyesores for old men wanting to project 'cool'. This suit features a tie emblazoned with Elon Musk's face and a lining of derisive Tweets, which gets him in the mood for more online arguments.

The rest of the suits are based off his '12 Rules for Life', a set of extremely generic, feel-good tenets to live by (which include 'do not bother children while they are skateboarding' and 'pet a cat when you encounter it in the street.') I'd love to see the suits for those.