Man sues Hershey over lead levels found in chocolate bars

From The Guardian:

A lawsuit filed in New York state alleges that the confectionary giant Hershey "fails to disclose" that some of its chocolate products "contain unsafe levels of lead and cadmium".

A New York man, Christopher Lazazzaro, filed the suit in Long Island federal court on 28 December. The suit against the mass-market chocolatier, which in 1988 acquired the license to produce Cadbury products in the US, seeks class-action status.

The suit came two weeks after Consumer Reports published an article claiming some Hershey dark chocolate products exceeded California standards for the maximum allowable dose level (MADL) for lead and cadmium.

Apparently, the US Food and Drug Administration has no federal regulations on the amount of lead or cadmium contained in most foods. Either way, mass-produced American chocolate is full of all kinds of other crap anyway, as another recent Guardian piece notes.

Hershey sued by New York man over 'unsafe' levels of metal in chocolate [Victoria Bekiempis / The Guardian]