The Grandiloquent Word of the Year for 2022 is "acrasia"

Do you follow Grandiloquent Word of the Day? I do, because it's a fun and interesting way to learn new vocabulary. What is it, exactly? It provides definitions, pronunciation guides, sample sentences, and historical context about three different kinds of words, as they explain on their Facebook page

1. Rare or obscure words that sound funny and/or are funny in meaning.

2. Words that are not rare or obscure, but that everyone should familiarize themselves with because their use will let others know that you're a smarty-pants, and are therefore worthy of a promotion, a raise, and more paid time off. These words are important because they may be unfamiliar to younger readers, or those learning English as a second language.

3. Antiquated slang terms from a bygone era… just because they amuse me.

These words are sourced from a variety of dictionaries, some of which are ancient indeed (because those are the ones that have the truly scrummy old words that are so fun to share). We encourage you to help your friends to expand their vocabulary just by inviting them to join us! Or keep this site tucked in your own hip pocket, and start using words like "scurryfunge" or "valetudinarian" in casual conversation to see what kind of looks you get.

In addition to posting new vocabulary every day, they also do a "Word of the Year," and the word they chose for 2022 is "acrasia," a noun that means: "(1) The state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgement through weakness of will. and (2) Lack of self-control."

As they stated in their announcement: "Yeah, that about sums it up!"

If you don't do Facebook, you can also follow Grandiloquent Word of the Day on their Instagram.