Lenovo's Yoga Book 9i, a foldable laptop no-one expected

What if instead of using a newfangled foldable display, you just had two normal displays hinged together like something from a cartoon? Lenovo got the memo.

Lenovo's press release calls the Yoga Book 9i the "first full-size dual screen OLED laptop" among vendors selling at least 1 million units a year. Targeting creative consumers who also want a machine with strong productivity that's also fit for entertainment, the laptop has two 13.3-inch OLED panels connected by the soundbar hinge that Lenovo has been using in its Yoga convertible lineup for a while.

Hands-on video from The Verge:

Everyone's posing it in the silliest "tablets in a trenchcoat" configuration, but the official photo from Lenovo shows a more intriguing side-by side setup.

What I want is for these to have magnetic thunderbolt connectors on every side, so you can clack as many together in as many ways as you like, limited only by the available bandwidth, like a huge demented Rubik's Rings.