Trans rights map of USA shows where the law is headed

Erin Reed is a researcher, mother, content creator, activist, and writer. As a trans woman who uses she/her pronouns, Reed works "to achieve gender justice for queer and marginalized people through education and understanding."

A recent update to the Anti-Trans legislative map that Reed has been working on reveals the breadth and depth of the legal and extralegal threat to trans people and their communities. Reed writes, "This map helps you determine the likelihood your state will pass anti-trans legislation in the next two years. If you are moving or looking to move, or make other decisions, please use this map!"

This map is a survival tool and diagramming of political geographies of precarity and safety. It is a work of invaluable knowledge and community building, in other words, self-defense as safety. As Reed explains,

"I have tracked anti-transgender legislation for 3 years @erininthemorn on Twitter and TikTok. Every day, I've gotten messages from worried people wondering how they are supposed to assess their risk of staying in their home state. The messages range from parents of trans youth wondering if their children will be taken from them to trans teachers wondering if their jobs will be safe in coming years. Sometimes people just want to know if there is a safer state they can move to nearby. I created the post-election legislative risk map specifically to help answer that question. Now more than ever, it is a question that needs answering, considering states like Texas are actively proposing rounding up trans kids and taking them from their parents."

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