We Are Many is a documentary focusing on the global anti-war protests in 2003

Almost twenty years ago, on February 15, 2003, tens of millions of people around the globe organized mass demonstrations protesting the imminent attack by the Coalition of the Willing on the people and infrastructure of Iraq as part of the post-911 vengeance politics led by the United States. These were the largest, most widespread (anti-war) protests in the planet's history – that we know of yet. Despite these refusals to participate in an imperial war, the momentum of imperial designs, a constructed victimhood that ignored 50 years of US meddling in the elections and politics of countries in the Middle East, and the rapacious capitalist and military desire for oil led the day in 2003 – a never-ending war still being fought and paid for from public funds.

On January 17, 1961, Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the world about the risk and threat of a military, politicians, and capitalist nexus, the military-industrial complex, as he named what Dick Cheney would come to represent. Okay, Eisenhauer did not use the word capitalism. But the nexus had the power of nightmares.

We Are Many, directed by Amir Amirani, eleven years in the making and shot in over seven countries, demonstrates the power of coming together the protest, the knowledge created and learned by people in the process of choosing to protest the war, the ongoing impact of these political protests, and the disregard, disavowal, and dismissal of these voices by political and media elites.

"On February 15th 2003, 30 million people protested against the USA and UK's plans to invade Iraq. Demonstrations spread across 789 cities, in 72 countries, covering every continent.

"This fearless, thought-provoking documentary details the remarkable story behind the first-ever global demonstration. Whilst the protests did not stop the Iraq War, the movement inspired a new generation of activists. The legacy of the demonstrations continued to influence campaigners across the world; including activists in Egypt during the Arab Spring as well as Black Lives Matter campaigners in the United States. 'We Are Many' features testimony from organizers, activists, celebrities, and politicians who provide a unique insight into the protest itself and the global context which led to the marches. The film also features accounts from members of the public – many of whom were inspired to protest for the first time."

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