In video, Andrew Tate said women in his house are forbidden from going out

Here's a video that incel influencer Andrew Tate, who is being detained as part of an investigation into his possible role in human trafficking, probably didn't want Romanian authorities to find. In the video, he admits to imprisoning women who stay in his house.

I'm all over the place, so I end up with all these chicks just stuck in the house, sitting there, bored, completely in love with me. And of course they don't go out. They're not allowed out. You don't go to the club with your friends. I don't know what kind of bitch-ass dude is letting his chicks go to the club without him. No. You stay in the house, you don't go nowhere. No restaurants, no clubs, nothing.

Tate's lawyers will likely try the Alex Jones defense and say that Tate is just an entertainer, and that everything he says is part of an act.