Marjorie Taylor Greene claims she got nothing for supporting Kevin McCarthy

Georgia's peach, exposer of Semitic space lasers, and fierce opponent of the Gazpacho, Marjorie Taylor Greene, wants us to believe she and Kevin McCarthy had no deal over her support. Fox News is clearly her fan.

Crooks and Liars:

During today's Fox News Media Buzz program, host Howard Kurtz did his best to try and rehabilitate the far right Georgia Congresswoman's reputation by asking the same tired questions she responded to in the past.

Discussing the deal she cut to back Kevin McCarthy over committee assignments, Howard Kurtz asked about her past transgressions, gingerly.

"Just to deal with one bit of history, the Democrats stripped you of your committee assignments. iI think that was raw politics, but in fairness didn't you also say that you were a follower of QAnon conspiracy theories, and you were no longer influenced by the group?" Kurtz asked.