Missouri sheriff seeks volunteers to get drunk at police station and help with training

In Missouri, the Jefferson County Sheriff put out a call on social media seeking people to have some drinks at the police headquarters to help train the cops in administering field sobriety tests. Apparently this is a common practice.

"Typically, we run the wet lab in the evening and it's easy for us to get volunteers from internal communication," stated the Sheriff's Office notice. "With scheduling this time we needed day drinkers, which is more difficult to get."

However, you can't just show up this week hoping for an open bar. All participants will be vetted beforehand.

"Some people handle alcohol well, and others not so much," the notice states. "This is a fun experience, but its also a professional environment where officers are being evaluated by trained professionals."

Those who imbibe will be given a ride home. Note: "You cannot have any alcohol related arrests, have any criminal cases pending, and/or be on prescription medications that indicate you should not mix alcohol."

(via Fox2Now)