Check out Bruce Lee's acting chops in this clip from Here Come The Brides

Beyond the inherent tragedy of his untimely death, the saddest aspect of Bruce Lee's passing comes from how limitless his potential appeared to be. Lee didn't only familiarize the West with the already massive Kung Fu film genre with his classic movie Enter The Dragon, but he helped change the perception of Asian Americans in films. Unless you're cognizant of Lee's personal history, you're probably unaware that the actor's latter career as an action star was his second stab at celebrity. During his youth in China, Lee starred in a plethora of films before he ever learned how to throw a punch. 

Several Bruce Lee biographers and fans have often wondered what the actor's career would look like once he began to take less action-centric roles. In the video linked above, you can check out a clip from Here Comes The Brides where Lee gets to showcase his acting chops and effortless charisma.