Conservative Karl Rove sides with Biden rather than Trump when comparing their classified doc problems (video)

Extreme conservative Karl Rove, who in 2021 said Marjorie Taylor Greene "is a major problem for our party," just sided up with Joe Biden this morning when comparing the president's classified document "blunder" with that of former one-term president Donald Trump's.

Using a whiteboard while appearing on Fox News (see video below), Rove broke down the differences between the two classified document-related scandals into three simple questions, giving Biden the upper hand while answering each one.

1) Quantity? "How many documents in Biden's case – there appear to be about 10. In the case of President Trump – hundreds," Rove said.

2) How did the documents get there? "We don't yet know how the documents got to the Biden office connected with his activities on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania," Rove said. "We know that President Trump ordered the removal of the documents to Mar-a-Lago;"

3) How did Biden and Trump react? Rove explains that Biden "immediately turned them over" while with Trump, "it had to end in a police search to recover the documents."

Like I said in February 2021 — when Rove thought Qongresswoman Greene should be tucked away into the "dark recesses of the furthest building" away from the congressional floor, it's (again) "nothing short of surreal" to see Rove defending Democrat Biden's issue as less serious than that of a former Republican president.

Via Mediaite
Front page thumbnail image: Karl Rove on Fox News (screengrab)