Fox News: feminist M&Ms embolden China's mining industry

It gets harder and harder for me to understand how people even manage to get outraged at what FOX News hosts say. Recently conservatives hated American Girl dolls, now the candy that melts in your mouth but not in your hands is evil. No outrage over the peanut ones?


The packs come in three options: milk chocolate, peanut butter and peanut. Mars said that a portion of profits will go to organizations that are "uplifting and empowering women," including She Is The Music and We Are Moving the Needle, nonprofit organizations that support women in the music industry.

The all-female pack quickly sparked "culture wars" outrage on right-wing news networks and on social media. One Fox anchor said the feminist-forward pack emboldens China.

"If this is what you need for validation, an M&M that is the color that you think is associated with feminism, then I'm worried about you," anchor Martha MacCallum said Monday. "I think that makes China say, 'Oh, good, keep focusing on that. Keep focusing on giving people their own color M&M'S while we take over all of the mineral deposits in the entire world.'"

A graphic on a show even called the candy "woke."