Lucas Freitas's AI-assisted art depicting countries as villains

There's no such thing as a guiltless country. As human beings, we're some of the foulest and most violent animals roaming the surface of the Earth. Consequently, it's impossible to find a single nation without at least one-hundred skeletons in its closet. Sure, some countries have more to conceal than others, but every country is an oppressor to someone. History is mostly filled with villains and monsters, but occasionally- and only ever rarely—do they abstain from seizing political power to incite the death and suffering of thousands.

The truth is that there is no such thing as a heroic nation. If the world were a wrestling promotion, everyone would be a heel. Even so, in the post linked above, someone decided to make AI art that personified every nation as a supervillain. Check the embedded link above if you'd like to see what several countries would look like as League of Legends characters. 

The art is by Lucas Freitas, using the AI art tool Midjourney.