These cherries sold for $250 each

In Yamagata, Japan, fruit wholesaler dropped 1.3 million yen (approx US$10,000) on a box of 40 cherries at auction. Now, these aren't Royal Ann or Rainier cherries, mind you, but high-end Sato Nishiki cherries from the Yamagata Prefecture in the northeastern part of the country. Yamagata Prefecture is known for its incredible fruits, especially its cherries. From Japan Today:

It's also the fourth year in a row that Funasho Group has won the first shipment of Sato Nishiki cherries as part of their wish for everyone involved in the food industry, including producers, distributors, and consumers, to have a successful year ahead. The cherries were then promptly sold at Tokyo's Yaoko Marketplace Higashi-Yamato branch on the day of the auction.

Caveat emptor though: Last year, it wasn't so easy for a team of writers to distinguish between regular supermarket cherries and Sato Nishiki specimens. Still, I'm sure they'd make for a helluva Shirley Temple.