Unlikely and excellent career advice from Mythbusters' Adam Savage

Our friend Adam Savage of Mythbusters and Tested has hacked a wonderful career for himself that enables him to feed his insatiable curiosity, continuously develop and apply his mastery of the maker arts, and teach and inspire the public along the way. In a recent livestream, a Tested member asked Adam, "Was there ever any advice you were given during your career that you originally scoffed at, which turned out to be something you'd often fall back on?"

"At the beginning of your career, your most plentiful resource is your time," Adam says. "And it's the resource you can throw at the jobs you are doing. The better you get, the more precious the resource of time becomes, and the more you want to restrict that from the job, because you have other jobs to do. You can't take an unlimited number of jobs so you have to refine."