Dodger the opossum gets his very own charcuterie board!

Meet Dodger, a young opossum who was rescued by Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington, after his mother died in a dog attack, and who now lives in Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Because he was too young to survive without his mother's help, he was hand-reared by Point Defiance Zoo until he was transferred to Woodland Park in October, 2022. Newsweek spoke to folks at the Woodland Park Zoo, who explained that Dodger's favorite foods are chicken, fish, hard-boiled eggs, banana, eggs, and avocado. He must have been so excited, then, to chow down on the specially-made charcuterie board with which the zoo welcomed him to his new home–as it was chock full of meal worms, eggs, sweetcorn, avocado, anchovies, and more! Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle tweeted a video of Dodger enjoying his feast, with the accompanying text: "Charcuterie cutie! Dodger the 5-month-old opossum takes his charcuterie with meal worms, eggs and plenty of sprinkles, thank you."

Newsweek reports that when Dodger isn't eating, he "enjoys napping in his favorite hammock. He's also training to be an ambassador animal so he can take part in outreach projects."