Nassau County GOP to demand George Santos' resignation

Republican House leaders have been mostly silent on how they will handle pathological liar George Santos, the newly elected representative from New York. But Politico reports that Santos' Republican sponsors back home in Nassau County, are fed up with the horseshit spewing out of Santos' trap and will make an announcement later today demanding his resignation.

From Politico:

"They'll issue a rebuke of him for running as a complete liar in an effort to resuscitate the image of the party," said one person familiar with the pending announcement by Nassau County GOP Chair Joe Cairo and other Republican elected officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.

That person told POLITICO in an interview that the announcement is necessary to help Republicans win future elections in New York's 3rd congressional district, which is a swing seat formerly held by Democrat Tom Suozzi.

Santos has lied about everything from where he went to college to his Jewish ancestry. He's being investigated by local, state and federal authorities.

I don't think Santos will ever resign, however. He is of the Donald Trump / Kari Lake / Kevin De Leon school, where reality denial is a core belief. Even if Santos is extradited to Brazil and imprisoned on fraud charges, he will continue to insist that he is an active member of the House of Representatives.