People's CDC releases new COVID guide: "What to Do if You Have COVID"

Here's an informative guide that was published today by the People's CDC, called "What to Do if You Have COVID." As they explain, it's "a guide for preparing for illness, preventing spread to others, managing symptoms, and recovery." Use it to create an action plan so you'll be ready before you or someone in your household becomes ill. The guide provides an overview of the various layers of protection that can help reduce your chances of catching COVID; ideas about how you can be ready in the event that you get sick—including setting up your home, gathering over-the-counter medicines and other supplies, and lining up healthcare and social support; guidelines about when, how, and how long to isolate; information about prescription-based COVID medications as well as home remedies for the acute phase of illness; and information about long term recovery. It even includes handy charts to help you keep track of symptoms, support, and more.

They've also created a short version for quick reference.