Why are mysterious antennae and solar panels appearing in the Salt Lake City foothills?

Around a dozen mysterious antennae have been spotted around the foothills of Salt Lake City in recent months. So far, nobody has identified the devices, which also include a locked box and solar panel. Public lands officials have hiked through the snow to retrieve them from the peaks and then brought the equipment back down on children's sleds. From Finbold:

Based on the composition of the antennas, there is speculation that they belong to a decentralized blockchain network.

Specifically, it's suspected that the antennas are a possible hotspot connecting to the Helium network. Notably, Helium is a wireless blockchain-based system with an incentive business model that enables customers to establish hotspots that act as Helium miners while offering internet connectivity.

"We just don't leave things on public lands anymore. You have to ask for permission," Salt Lake City's recreational trails manager Tyler Fonarow told KSL-TV.