Bay Area artist creates whimsical purses

Jada Holmes embraces her art, billing herself as 'the girl who makes purses out of everything'. Indeed, that is what she's become known for recently, constructing elaborate looks around purses constructed from, as it seems, everything including the kitchen sink. This includes an entire door, a grill, and a bottle of Hidden Valley ranch that gives me flashbacks to the brand's bizarre ranch-themed furniture collection. According to an interview in Paper, Jada's purses and outfits originated with an intentionally comedic edge in mind:

I first got my first Instagram account when I was 14, and I would take photos. I would put outfits together the night before, wear them to school, come home, take photos, and I would start uploading them online. I started TikTok in 2020, and I really originally started as a comedy page, but people started noticing my outfits. That's when I was like, okay, now maybe this is the time I could start showing off my outfits. So that's when the outfits came into play really on TikTok. And my Instagram has been since I was 14, so almost 10 years now that I've been taking photos.

Regardless of its intent, there's no doubting that it's as striking as it is whimsical—and, admittedly, has me looking at household objects that could potentially be hollowed out and stuck on a shoulder sling. New trend alert?