"Ridiculous!" Missouri's House Republicans made stricter dress code — but only for women (video)

With so many issues to tackle, lawmakers in Missouri chose to focus on how a woman should dress in the state's Republican-controlled House of Representatives. While Republicans pushed to tighten the dress code for women legislatures (but not for men), proposing that women must cover their arms, and must do so not with sweaters, but only with blazers, Democrats fought back, calling it sexist and "ridiculous."

"We are fighting — again — for a woman's right to choose for something. This time, it's how she covers herself — and the interpretation of someone who has no background in fashion," said an exasperated Rep. Raychel Proudie (D) on the floor Wednesday, who questioned why someone else should be able to decide what's appropriate for her to wear. (See first video below.)

And then things became more heated between Rep. Ann Kelley (R), who helped spearhead the changes, according to The Washington Post, and Rep. Ashley Aune (D), with each heatedly calling the other "lady" while debating fabrics and arguing about arguing. (See second video below.)

In the end, Missouri's House finally decided they would compromise — allowing cardigans to be included with jackets and blazers, but still insisting on forced sleeves, requiring women's arms to be concealed, according to the Washington Post.

Aren't these the same Republicans who fought against forced masks?

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