The boundary-breaking animated sculptures of Tobias Bradford

The animated sculptures of Tobias Bradford distort aspects of everyday life into extraordinary scenes. Bradford uses aspects of robotics and mechanical engineering to make puppet-like creations out of objects that one wouldn't typically expect to see in conjunction with one another. For example, a table with a human-like leg jutting out from underneath inches its way across the room in slide one. I hope to see his fabulous work in person one day.

From Vvovagram: 

"Tobias Bradford's (@tobias_bradford) art is a fascinating exploration of the boundaries between reality and illusion. His animated sculptural installations incorporate ideas from mechanical engineering, robotics, and puppetry to create fascinating environments and objects that appear to act on their own. 

By disrupting the notion of self-agency, Bradford's works create a tension between rational thought and the emotional experience of the world. His pieces are often characterized by an absurdity that comes from being stuck in a loop and reveal the strangeness of everyday life."