The price of eggs and natural gas is spiking in California

Bad news for Californians who like eggs cooked on a gas range — the price of both has skyrocketed recently. The USDA reports that a dozen eggs in the Golden State average $7.37, which is more than triple the $2.35 average price from a year ago. The increase is due to a bird flu outbreak that killed over 10% of egg-laying hens.

Meanwhile, the price of natural gas in California is currently five times the national benchmark price. "The sustained surge and uncertainty over when a key pipeline will reopen to deliver relief has California utilities preparing customers for bigger bills," says The Wall Street Journal.

I bought a dozen eggs at Trader Joe's today for about $4.50, which is a dollar or above the price I usually pay. Nowhere near the average price reported by the USDA. Maybe Trader Joe's is absorbing the price increase. But my projected gas bill, which I received today, says my gas bill is going to be over $1,000 at the end of the month if prices don't drop and I continue to use it at my current rate. Sweater time!