Twitter's Singapore employees marched out of the building by landlord after Musk stiffs them on rent

In behavior reminiscent of Donald Trump's reluctance to pay people who provide him with goods and services, Elon Musk has simply stopped paying rent on a number of Twitter offices around the world. Why give all that money away when you can pay lawyers a fraction of the amount and stall forever?

Musk's latest cost-saving measure? Suspend rent payments to Twitter's office in Singapore, which has served as the company's Asia headquarters since 2015.

After employees found themselves on the street, Twitter management told them to work from home. I thought Musk said everyone had to come into the office, or they'd be fired. Maybe that's his next move.

From Gizmodo:

Refusing to pay rent—and subsequently getting Twitter sued for doing so—is yet another of billionaire's controversial and questionable cost-saving strategies at Twitter. The billionaire has also laid off the company's janitors, forcing employees to bring their own toilet paper to Twitter's pungent offices, and closed one of its data centers in Sacramento. According to the New York Times, Musk has instructed Twitter employees to pause payments to contractors and vendors to try to decrease the outstanding bills.

Earlier this month, the billionaire took an axe to the benefits offered to Twitter employees, cutting commuter benefits, family planning benefits, and meal stipends. Coffee and snacks were deemed important enough to stay, for now.