Watch deer get their kicks on nitrous oxide emitted by decomposing leaves

Wildlife YouTuber JS Project Wild captured footage of deer apparently getting high from his giant leaf pile. As it turns out, decomposing leaves emit nitrous oxide. Yes, the stuff that dentists use to calm patients. Watch them huff the "laughing gas" from the ground and then, in their altered state, bounce around. (via Everlasting Blort)

Want to see deer lose their minds and act accordingly? Supposedly decomposing leaves emit nitrous oxide, especially when the leaves are concentrated such as in a pile. My leaf pile is huge and some of the leaves are four years old. I periodically "stir" the pile with my loader tractor. However, If the leaves on the top are dry the deer will actually dig down to the rotting leaves and then inhale. It's crazy—at different times in the video you will actually see them do this.